T-REX17® TX Driver Bit T15-T50

T-REX17® TX Driver Bit T15-T50

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Product CodeDriveQTY (PCS)To Suit
A-TX15-3TX Drive T153T-REX17® 8g JoltScrew
A-TX20-3TX Drive T203ECKO T-REX17® 10g decking screws trim and cylindrical head,
8g TimbaTX® screws, 8g button head metal screws.
A-TX25-3TX Drive T253ECKO T-REX17® 10g decking screws csk and oval head, 12g
decking screws trim head, 10g purlin screws, 10g TimbaTX®
screws, 10g wafer head metal screws, 10g wing screws.
A-TX30-3TX Drive T303ECKO T-REX17® M6 construction screws.
A-TX40-3TX Drive T403ECKO T-REX17® M8 construction screws.
ECKO T-REX17® 14g batten screws.
A-TX50-3TX Drive T503ECKO T-REX17® M10 construction screws.


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