ECKO T-REX17® JoltScrew

2021-06-17T17:17:46+12:00June 17th, 2021|New Products|

Screw It – Don’t Nail it! Introducing ECKO T-REX17® JoltScrews, Joltscrews are a small 8 gauge screw with a small diameter ‘Jolt’ type head, like a jolt nail, that leaves a small discreet hole when fixing weatherboards, window & door jambs and other decorative boards and battens that require a tidy fill-sand-paint finish. JoltScrews don’t need a special tool to install them, a regular battery drill-driver will do, and they don’t need to be predrilled or punched-in like a nail before filling (best to test ends). Joltscrews can be unscrewed if necessary and the small 5mm diameter head incorporates a [...]