Screw It – Don’t Nail it! Introducing ECKO T-REX17® JoltScrews, Joltscrews are a small 8 gauge screw with a small diameter ‘Jolt’ type head, like a jolt nail, that leaves a small discreet hole when fixing weatherboards, window & door jambs and other decorative boards and battens that require a tidy fill-sand-paint finish. JoltScrews don’t need a special tool to install them, a regular battery drill-driver will do, and they don’t need to be predrilled or punched-in like a nail before filling (best to test ends). Joltscrews can be unscrewed if necessary and the small 5mm diameter head incorporates a T-15 Torx/Star drive, the driver bit is included in the pack. 3 lengths are available, 65, 75 and 90mm, in both XGuard and T316 grade stainless. JoltScrews have been tested by and endorsed by Southern Pine Products for use in their weatherboards. JoltScrews are available at major merchants.