Can I use other coil nails in my ECKO HAMMAHAND® WB75 Weatherboard Nailer?2019-01-31T10:07:21+13:00

In some instances its possible but this can cause jamming issues & may void the ECKO 2 Year Warranty.

Can ECKO framing nails be used in other nailers like the Hitachi/Hikoki gasless framer?2018-12-03T15:10:34+13:00

Yes they can be used on other 30°/34° nailers. ECKO Strip nails are recommended by Hikoki. Nail length are available in 90 x 3.15mm, 75 x 3.05mm, 65 x 2.87mm, 50 x 2.87mm, Bright, Galvanised & Stainless Steel

Can I use Tile & Slate underlay nails in my ECKO Weatherboard Nailer?2018-12-03T14:59:09+13:00

Yes, ECKO provided the model is the HAMMAHAND® Weatherboard Nailer FC75 or HAMMAHAND® Weatherboard Nailer WB75

Can the ECKO Palm Nailer PNC1 be used on rose head nails2019-01-31T10:08:10+13:00

The Palm Nailer is not specifically designed to be used on rose head nails, however we are aware that there is a number who do use them for this application.

Do the ECKO pneumatic tools need oiling and if so, where & how do I do this?2018-12-03T15:02:46+13:00

Virtually all air tools need oiling.

Ensure you use the right oil (Pneumatic Tool Oil) and apply approximately 6 drops daily down the air fitting on the tool, prior to use.

Do you have a Single Shot tool option for joist hanger nails?2018-12-03T15:01:22+13:00

Yes, ECKO BracketMaster Joist Hanger Nailer MC38

Does ECKO have a tool for trellis work?2019-01-31T10:12:01+13:00

Yes we do, it is the Trellis Stapler P9040.

How do I prevent the Weatherboard Nailer from punching through the underlay, RAB or Weatherboard?2018-12-03T15:21:52+13:00

Ensure the soft nose is on the tool and the use the swivel thumb control mid-range on the tool to adjust depth control.

I have a big compressor that has a bigger tank. Will this work also with ECKO pneumatic tools?2018-12-03T15:20:55+13:00

ECKO pneumatic tools typically run between 90-120PSI (discharge). Some bigger compressors cannot get that high. Also the big compressors drain most of the air causing the discharge pressure to be too low before refilling causing miss-fires. The best compressor for ECKO tools is the ECKO V8 Compressor.

Is the ECKO Frametec90 Gas Framer GTND90G suitable for laminated timber like J frame?2019-01-31T10:09:45+13:00

The Frametec90 Gas Framer GTND90G is used extensively through Prenail factories and works extremely well on this type of engineered timber.

My compressor runs a lot – is it faulty?2018-12-03T15:22:33+13:00

No – The ECKO V8compressor® EK1501 is designed to refill early to allow maximum uptime of tools. It is designed to run continuously for 3000 hours without harming it.

What else can the ECKO HAMMAHAND® Weatherboard Nailer WB75 be used for?2019-01-31T10:08:26+13:00


  • Tile & Slate Underlay
  • RAB
  • PLY
  • Soffits
  • Cavity Batten
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Concealed Fixing Weatherboard
  • Face Nailing Weatherboard
  • Plus much more
Why does my tool keep misfiring?2018-12-03T15:25:03+13:00

It can be multiple things but in most instances the “discharge pressure” on the compressor isn’t set high enough. Please check the tools product information sheet as to which pressure is optimal to run at.

Will ECKO brads fit in my bradder?2018-12-03T15:33:25+13:00

Depends of the what types of the bradder you have  –

  • a Paslode angle bradder takes the ECKO C Series Brads,
  • the Hikoki and Senco bradder takes the ECKO 15ga DA Brads/BDG Brads
  • the ECKO ExteriorMaster™ Air Angle Bradder AB1550FN takes the ECKO 15ga FN Series Angle Brads.
  • A straight bradder will take ECKO 16ga BC Series Straight Brads