InteriorMaster™ 16Gauge Gas Straight Bradder GTBC16G

InteriorMaster™ 16Gauge Gas Straight Bradder GTBC16G


Product Code: GTBC16G

  • Applicable for different brands of fasteners and fuel cells
  • Anti-jam magazine design
  • Easy maintenance and less parts
  • Light weight and robust
  • Blow mould carry case
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Product CodeSizeFinishBox QTYTrim Cell(s)
BC-1625PL2C25 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1630PL2C30 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1635PL2C35 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1640PL2C40 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1645PL2C45 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1650PL2C50 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BC-1663PL2C63 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25002
BCSS-1625PL2C25 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25002
BCSS-1630PL2C30 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25002
BCSS-1638PL2C38 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25002
BCSS-1650PL2C50 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25002
BCSS-1663PL2C63 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25002
BC-1625C25 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1630C30 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1635C35 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1640C40 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1645C45 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1650C50 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BC-1663C63 x 1.6mmE/Galvanised25000
BCSS-1625C25 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25000
BCSS-1630C30 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25000
BCSS-1638C38 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25000
BCSS-1650C50 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25000
BCSS-1663C63 x 1.6mm304 S/Steel25000


Dimension320mm x 86mm x 285mm (L x W x H)
Magazine capacity100 nails
Fastener length25 - 65mm
Max setting per hourApprox. 500 shots
Max setting per chargeApprox. 5200 shots
Charging time2 hours
ApplicationsExterior and interior trim
Door and window Construction
Light framing
Cabinet work
Interior finishing


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