ECKO Fastening Systems is a 100% kiwi owned & operated company specialising in innovative systems that helps builders, manufacturers and industry customers in this competitive Fastening market.

ECKO was founded in 2000 from a small garage in Howick, Auckland.

The first 12 months was a huge challenge, starting from nothing and unsure which direction the company should go, we picked up our first furniture manufacturing customer in 2001.

From there the focus was furniture industry for the next 3 years, and this gave us our initial foundation of the business of ECKO in early stage.

After that, ECKO started to grow rapidly into pallet, bedding, trellis, prenail and window manufacturers between 2003 and 2008. We did this by offering  top trade quality tools, better production systems, production training and “how to” information sharing. But as we grew we were aware of a huge market that ECKO had little or no influence on, the merchant/retail market.

In late 2008, ECKO introduced the first joist hanger nailer to New Zealand, the PN38 joist hanger nailing system had huge potential as it saved builder up to 80% of their labour costs while installing joist hangers and strap bracing. With this new tool and fastener range ECKO became a leader in this small but important market, but the big advantage of this product was it gave ECKO space on the merchant shelf and important contacts in the retail market.

In 2012, ECKO developed the first HAMMAHAND® weatherboard nailing solution; this system is able to cover up to 80% of manual hammering applications such as: underlay, cavity batten, fencing, decking, ply bracing, weatherboard & all the James Hardie building products. It proved to be an easy solution for the builders to make their job easier, increased productivity, but most importantly you got a consistent nail driving result every time you pulled the trigger. This system combined with our light weight compressor made the ECKO Hammer Hand system the most popular nailing solution on the New Zealand market.

Since 2010, and as a bit of a side project, ECKO released a small range of gas driven gun nails to the market. Using contacts made from the PN38 joist hanger nailer, the 90mm bright and 90mm galv framing nail packs were sold to the merchant market. ECKO commits significant time and resources developing our

range of products to make builders jobs easier. In July 2015 after a lot of financial commitment, ECKO finally released a MultiCell® that will work in most framing and concrete nailing tools.

The MultiCell® has opened up the merchant market and (with our large product range) now we are able to compete with the big overseas companies on a level playing field.

Now, with this new gas cell, HAMMAHAND® series, industry manufacturing products and quality range of fastening tools, ECKO have a full range of fasteners and compete in every fastening market in the country